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Behind the Wheel Pledge

Month Eight - Behind the Wheel Pledge



Welcome to month eight of being together in a Behind the Wheel Pledge team.

Hopefully you and your team have been making lots of progress with your licences. Congratulations to all of you who have passed your tests in the last month and a big good luck for those who have tests booked in for this month!



Learning Tip #8

Having a licence and being able to drive around is an awesome feeling!

You might be the only one out of your friends or whānau who knows how to drive or has a car - which means there could be pressure to drive them around, even though you may only have your Learners or your Restricted.

Remember, the rules are:

  • For Learner drivers, you must always have a supervisor, who must always sit in the front passenger seat beside you and have had a full licence for at least 2 years. Only when the supervisor in your car with you has agreed, may you have passengers with you.

  • For Restricted drivers, you can drive alone or if you have a passenger they must have had their full licence for at least 2 years.

If you break these rules, you could be fined $100 and receive up to 35 demerit points.

So, what could you do if someone is pressuring you to break the passenger rules of your licence? Here are some ideas:

  • If you know you will be going to a situation where you might feel pressure to drive others illegally, make sure you’re mentally prepared to say “no”. You could even practice at home beforehand. The key is to be ready so that when you encounter the situation you feel strong enough to say no.
  • Know your facts and let them know why you won’t drive them. They may not realize that by asking you to drive them, you will be liable for a $100 fine and 35 demerit points against your name.



There are loads of great licensing workshops happening in and around Māngere.  Find out more about our Learners, Restricted and Full Licence Workshops.

Full Process

Is it time to step up to your Full licence? Be prepared by knowing exactly the steps you’ll need to take to get your licence at Behind the Wheel

Share your pictures!

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Thanks again for committing to making the streets of Māngere a safer place!
Good luck with progressing with your licence this month!

From The Behind the Wheel - Māngere team