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Behind the Wheel Pledge

Month Three – Behind the Wheel Pledge



Welcome to month three of your Behind the Wheel Pledge journey!

We hope everything's going well and you’re making progress as a team. There’s plenty of information to take in, so this month’s newsletter is focussed on how you learn.



Learning Tip #3

This is a good time to think about the best way you take in information, because not everyone learns in the same way.

Sometimes it’s useful to read, write and say out loud the information you’re trying to remember.

One great way to get you learning the road code is to create fun flash cards that you can use on your own or have your Coach or Wingman test you on.

Flash cards are easy to make, all you need is to:

  • Cut up an A4 sheet of paper into 6 rectangle pieces

  • Write a question related to what you’re trying to learn on one side and the answer on the other side. 
    For example, you could have a roadcode question like “When can you park your vehicle over a fire hydrant?” on one side of the card and  the answer “When somebody who can move the vehicle stays with it” on the other side
  • Once you’ve created your flash cards you canstart quizzing yourself or have your team members quiz you!
  • You or your team read the question and you try to answer it before flipping over the card to reveal the actual answer, the aim is to eventually know all the answers.

If you’re progressing to your Restricted or Full licence, the best way to learn is through practice! Head to the Behind the Wheel website to find out more about what you need to be practicing to pass your test and workshops happening in Māngere.




There are some great workshops coming up. Find out more about all the great workshops happening in and around Māngere or follow us on Facebook

Learners Process

Want to know more about the Learner licence process? We’ve worked out all the steps for you

Share your story!

We’d love to hear your stories as your Pledge team work towards being fully licensed! Like our Facebook page and let us know how you’re getting on!



Thank you for committing to making the streets of Māngere a safer place!

From The Behind the Wheel - Māngere team