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Behind the Wheel Pledge

Month Two – Behind the Wheel Pledge



It’s your second month as a Behind the Wheel Pledge team, we hope you’ve all had time to learn and practice lots this month.

We know you’ll be excited to get your licences, but there is one thing you will definitely need to think about and that is the fee for your licence and how you plan on saving up for it. 



Test Fees

If you’re not sure how much your application and test will cost, here it is:

Learners Fee

Learner Application Fee: $48.20
Learner Test Fee: $45.70
Fees Total: $ 93.90

Restricted Fee

Restricted Application Fee: $48.20
Restricted Test Fee: $86.60
Fees Total: $134.80

Full Fee

Full Licence Application Fee: $49.60
Full Licence Test Fee: $59.90
Fees Total: $109.50



Learning Tip #2

Our top tip is to create a weekly plan of how much money you can save towards your licence fee!

That way you will know how many weeks you have until you can afford to apply for the test. So for example, if you can put aside $15.00 per week it will take you 7 weeks to have enough money for your learners licence fees. Sorted has a great savings calculator which could help you work out how much to put aside.

There are lots of different ways you could make some money:

  • you could go busking
  • or mow lawns for friends and family
  • get a part time job
  • save up your allowance
  • or look on the local community notice board for odd jobs!

Get creative and have a think about how you’ll reach your goal.




There are some great workshops coming up. Find out more about all the great workshops happening in and around Māngere or follow us on Facebook

Learners Process

Want to know more about the Learner licence process? We’ve worked out all the steps for you


Share your story!

We’d love to hear your stories as your Pledge team work towards being fully licensed! Like our Facebook page and let us know how you’re getting on!


Thanks again for committing to making the streets of Māngere a safer place!
Good luck with progressing with your licence this month!

From The Behind the Wheel - Māngere team