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Behind the Wheel Pledge

Month Six – Behind the Wheel Pledge



Welcome to month six of your
Behind the Wheel Pledge trip.

We're so glad to hear that there’s a lot of you out there practicing your driving skills and coming along to the Behind the Wheel workshops!



Learning Tip #6

One of the things we all need to learn is parking and where is safe to park. 

There are actually a lot of places you can’t park, for instance did you know that you cannot park in front of or closer than 1 metre to a vehicle entrance, like a driveway?  Or that you can’t park on, or closer than 500mm to, a fire hydrant, unless somebody who can move the vehicle stays with it?

Make sure you know all the rules around parking so you don’t get caught out next time you’re out with the car! Find out all the rules here. Or if you're keen to practice parking here are some helpful videos



When you’re practicing you need to make sure you always have your licence with you and follow the rules of your licence.

If you’re on your Learner licence now you must always drive with a supervisor.

Your supervisor is in charge of the vehicle and must:

  • hold a current and valid full New Zealand licence (which does not have a supervisor condition) for the same class of vehicle you’re learning to drive

  • have held their New Zealand full licence (or an equivalent overseas licence) for at least two years

  • sit in the passenger seat next to you at all times when you are driving carry their driver licence with them.  




There are loads of great licensing workshops happening in and around Māngere.  Find out more about our Learners, Restricted and Full Licence Workshops.

Restricted Process

Feel like you’re ready to plan for your Restricted? You can find out more about the Restricted licensing process at Behind the Wheel

Share your pics!

You can follow us on Instagram and see all the latest posts from @behindthewheelmangere. Share with us photos of you and your team out and about in Māngere - we’d love to see what you’re up to! Don't forget to #BehindtheWheelMangere



Thank you for committing to making the streets of Māngere a safer place! Good luck with progressing with your licence this month!

From The Behind the Wheel - Māngere team