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Behind the Wheel Pledge

Month Ten - Behind the Wheel Pledge



Kia Ora, you have been a Behind the Wheel Pledge Team for 10 months now!

You’ve reached double digits and that’s pretty cool. We hope that you are all getting closer to reaching your licensing goals together.



Learning Tip #10

This month we are all about the Coach in your Pledge team! It might be time to start getting in the car to supervise with the Learner driver in your team.


It can feel a little daunting to be the Coach so here are a couple of tips to help you feel more confident in supporting the Rookie and Wingman in your team.

Plan your lessons beforehand, think about:

  • What skill(s) do you want to focus on for your lesson?

  • What are the driving conditions like? Have you provided a range of practising opportunities, such as in the wet, at night and on rural roads?

  • What skill is most appropriate for the abilities of your Rookie or Wingman?

Keep lessons short at first.

  • This gives your Rookie or Wingman time to learn and take in new skills each lesson and means you won’t all get too tired driving around.

  • Once your Learner has got the basics then think about extending lessons to fit, e.g. one hour.

Give instructions early.

  • Make sure you allow enough time for your Learner driver to hear what it is they need to do next, e.g. turn right, and then complete this action in a safe manner.

Remind yourself of the current rules on the road and ‘good’ driving before you start supervising.

  • That way your Learner won’t pick up any bad habits that could cause them to fail their tests!




There are loads of great licensing workshops happening in and around Māngere.  Find out more about our Learners, Restricted and Full Licence Workshops.

Restricted Process

Feel like you’re ready to plan for your Restricted? You can find out more about the Restricted licensing process at Behind the Wheel

Share your story!

We’d love to hear your stories as your Pledge team work towards being fully licensed! Like our Facebook page and let us know how you’re getting on!



Thank you for committing to making the streets of Māngere a safer place! 
Good luck with progressing with your licences this month!

From The Behind the Wheel - Māngere team