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Behind the Wheel Māngere has been created to bring the community together to support our young people to get their full driver’s licence and make our roads a safer place. Take the steps towards getting your licence by attending a local workshop today.

Community Instructors

We really recommend you use an instructor where you can.
Meet our awesome local instructors, here to help you get licensed! 

Get in touch with any of our community instructors! They are all about community and getting you and your whānau licensed. They offer low cost lessons and payment options are available – talk to them today. 


Our community instructors can help you:

  • Draw up a plan to get test ready
  • Practice driving if you don’t have someone to practice with
  • Become a safe and awesome driver
  • Meet with you and your supervisor to help guide you with what you need to practice
  • Master some of the harder stuff (like the parallel park, talking about hazards)
  • Get rid of any bad habits before your test

Koia Teinakore
Mangere East Community Centre & ME Family Services

Koia has been involved in supporting the community to get licensed since 2002. Koia is soon to be qualified as a driving instructor. Koia has lived in South Auckland most of his life and says, “once an Otarian always an Otarian”. He also knows Māngere and the community of Māngere intimately; he is well-known and well-liked in this community, as well as educating aspiring young drivers, he also is a community bus driver, tai chi tutor, gardening and waste guru/educator, softball coach and former president of the local Onehunga-Māngere softball club, and volunteers helping out in many other roles in his community. He is passionate about helping others and is an effective tutor and mentor for many learners.

Phone: 021 238 9717
Languages spoken: English


Inu Pamatatau
Pukapuka Community Centre

Inu has been involved in supporting people to get their learners licence for 8 years and is now qualified as a driving instructor.  Inu is totally passionate about supporting young people and whānau to get licensed. 

Phone: 027 212 7606
Languages spoken: English, Cook Island Māori


Pikura Purotu
Pukapuka Community Centre

Pikura has been a driving instructor for 10 years. Pikura is passionate about supporting young people and their whānau to get licensed. 
Phone: 021 083 06985
Languages spoken: English, Cook Island Māori


James Kaleti
Genesis Youth Trust

James is a youth mentor at Genesis Trust and has been supporting young people working with Genesis to get licensed. James is currently not available for general bookings, but available for Genesis clients.

Phone: 09 275 0599
Languages spoken: English