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Learners Licence

It’s great you’re wanting to get your Learner Licence! 

Here are all the steps of the process to get you there:

Learner licence icon

Learners Licence

It’s great you’re wanting to get your Learner Licence!
Here are all the steps of the process to get you there:

Remember you must be 16 years of age or over to sit your Learners test.

Step 1 of the getting your learners licence

Step 1: Learn the Road Code

Where can you get hold of the Road Code?

  • Learn the Road Code at DRIVE.
  • You can also get the Road Code book for $25.50 at your local driver licensing agent, selected book stores or from your local library.
  • Attend a local workshop in Māngere, or ask your school or training provider if they do a Learners workshop.



Getting a Learner Licence

Download our helpful guide which tells you about what you'll be assessed on and other great tips


Step 2 of the getting your learners licence

Step 2: Save up for application and test fees.

The total fee for the first time you sit the test is $93.90

Learner Application Fee.............$48.20
Learner Test Fee........................$45.70
                                           Fees Total: $ 93.90

If you don't pass and have to retake the test then you'll only need to pay the test fee to resit the test.

Step 3 of the getting your learners licence

Step 3: Complete the application form

To get hold of your application form you can either:

Step 4 of the getting your learners licence

Step 4: Make sure you have the right ID

If you have a current New Zealand passport that is the only form of ID you will need to bring when applying for your Learner test

Otherwise, you must have 2 original IDs with you

  • One ID must have your photo
  • All IDs must be current with a few exceptions: 
    • If you bring an expired NZ or Overseas Passport, or a NZ Firearms Licence, it can only have been expired for up to 2 years

Types of ID

See below examples of two types of ID you can bring in if you don’t have a current New Zealand passport. For more information you can check the NZTA factsheet

Example of 2nd ID:

  • Overseas driver's licence
  • 18+ Card
  • SuperGold Card
  • NZ Student ID
  • NZ Employee ID
  • IRD Number
  • NZ Utility bill (from the last 6 months)
  • Bank Statement (from the last 6 months)
  • Community Services Card

Check out a full list of other 2nd ID examples 

Example of 1st ID:

  • NZ Passport
  • Overseas Passport
  • NZ Birth Certificate
  • NZ Citizenship Certificate
  • NZ Firearms Licence

Check out a full list of other 1st ID examples 



Step 5 of the getting your learners licence

Step 5: Find a driver licensing agent near you

You can find this out from the NZTA website



Step 6 of the getting your learners licence

Step 6: Visit your nearest driver licensing agent

Before you go, make sure you bring your IDs (Step 4)

When you're there you will need to:

  • Submit your filled out application form
  • Pay the fees
  • Book a Learner Test date or you might be able to take the test straight away if you're ready!
  • Do the quick eyesight test on the spot *
    * Bring your glasses or contact lenses if you have them
  • Get your photo taken and provide a signature for your licence

Step 7 of the getting your learners licence

Step 7: Take the theory test!

What you need to know:

  • To pass you must get at least 32 out of 35 questions right
  • Once you pass, your driver licensing agent gives you a temporary licence so you can practice driving straight away
  • Your actual photo licence will arrive in the post within 10 days.


Now that you have your Learner Licence, it’s important you remember the following:

1. Start Practicing with a supervisor

When you drive on your learner licence, you must always drive with a supervisor.

Your supervisor is in charge of the vehicle and must:

  • hold a current and valid full New Zealand licence (which does not have a supervisor condition) for the same class of vehicle you’re learning to drive
  • have held their New Zealand full licence (or an equivalent overseas licence) for at least two years
  • sit in the passenger seat next to you at all times when you are driving
  • carry their driver licence with them


2. Get your L Plates

Your car must have the Learner/L Plates showing in the front and back of your car.

3. You can carry passengers, but your supervisor must agree to it

4. You must always carry your licence while driving

5. Your licence is valid for 5 years from date of issue

6. There is a zero alcohol limit if you are under the age of 20.

If you are 20 years or older, the legal alcohol limit for driving applies. 


Get ready for your Restricted

Time to start thinking and practicing for your Restricted Licence which you will be able to get 6 months after you pass your Learner Licence!  

You can go to the DRIVE website for advice on what you’ll need to practice to be ready to pass your restricted in 6 months time.